Sunday, August 23, 2009

Audi's bold marketing strategy pays off

Audi Worldwide sales and marketing boss Peter Schwarzenbauer says Audi's growth and increased market share is partly because it was spending more on marketing during the economic downturn, not less.

"Other companies have put on the brakes but we have done the opposite," said Schwarzenbauer on a whistle-stop visit to Auckland at the weekend.

He said New Zealand importer European Motor Distributors had made Audi the market leader in premium cars, helped by its focus on marketing activities.

He would be looking at using its approach in other markets.

Last year Audi sales were 1060, and they were on target for 1000 this year. Schwarzenbauer - who is a member of the Audi worldwide board of management - said it's long-term strategy was to be the most successful premium car brand in the world by 2015.

The New Zealand market had achieved that two years ago and provided lessons in other markets. He said marketing used here was well suited to the brand internationally.

"It is not only about advertising but getting involved in activities - getting people into our cars, he said.

He said that Audi sales in Europe had been good but the European economy was under pressure.

Asked whether cost for premium car brands was an issue in the current economic climate he said not as much as a volume brand, but said value was still important.

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