Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why is Ford on such a roll?

Ford did not need a federal bailout like GM and Chrysler did and it has been posting considerably better financial results.

Now comes word that the 2010 Ford Fusion was named Motor Trend magazine’s car of the year, beating out the Toyota Prius, BMW 7-Series, Chevrolet Camaro and others in the closely watched competition, Associated Press reports.

It was yet another accolade for Ford Motor Co.’s midsize sedan, which got high reliability scores in the most recent rankings from Consumer Reports and was the top-selling car made by a Detroit automaker through October.

What’s more, Ford, Subaru and Volkswagen lead the insurance industry’s annual list of the safest new vehicles, according to a closely watched assessment used by car companies to lure safety-conscious consumers to showrooms, AP reports.

Why has Ford been doing so well? Leadership? Innovation? Marketing? Execution?

Does its recent string of successes influence your buying decision?

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